WhisperMaze UK Tattoo 6 Week Online Review

01 October 2014


Hi Everyone!


WhisperMaze is currently looking for alternative tattooed and pierced volunteers to model for a series of natural portraits. The pics will feature on the WhisperMaze website as part of our UK Tattoo Review, due to run for six weeks looking into the revive of the tattoo culture within the UK.  As part of the review, WhisperMaze will be interviewing tattoo parlours across London and beyond, the tattooists, the customers, and industry leaders, but most important of all, people just like you!


If you have extensive tattoos/piercings/brandings or are into any type of body art and would like to be a part of this interesting project, please send some pics of yourself to the email below. Just some headshots, full length and any good shots of your tats would be great! And I will get back to you if I think you are suitable, if you would like to arrange a photo-shoot, at no cost to yourself, please use the email provided to state your interest.




Also please don't be offended if I don't reply straight away, we get a lot of emails and not enough time to reply to all of them in what would be deemed a prompt manner, however, such is the importance of the request; we will endeavour to respond in a speedy manner. If your look is right for my project I will remember you and I will be in touch (even if it takes us a while)


Kind Regards