Snippets of a Novel 

Welcome to Snippets Of A Novel – ‘Not Just A Story’ – over the next few months, courtesy of Whispermaze, snippets of the novel will be made available for viewing to all Whispermaze subscribers, with the first snippet available without sign-up, it’s fair to say Whispermaze is impatiently awaiting the release of this eagerly awaited, and most poignant novel to hit the UK literary scene in recent times.  ‘Not Just A Story’, incorporating real life events, cultural scenarios and factual, social dashes of realism, beautifully written and unreservedly recited, ‘More Than Just A Story endeavours to be just that, more than just another narrative to be told.

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Not Just A Story - Synopsis


The two main characters – Isham and Sadie – are drawn together by an unusual circumstance; of which Sadie is indebted, and even though Isham feels that Sadie softens his life, thus paying the debt leads the both of them into a perplexed world of love, lust, belonging and what next, a circumstance that has life-affirming consequences severe enough for them to question the validity of love, and humanity as they see it.


Ultimately this is a tale of love, and its modern-day perception and predicaments. Whilst the two main characters embark on an unexpected infatuation with each other, what they encounter is issues that have impacted on them both, and nearly everybody they know for the entirety of their lives up until then. With mass Incarceration, gang violence, social poverty and this burning desire to identify with an identity that all too appropriately appears obscure at best, it is a tale poignant for the reason being; the issues the two main characters face are at the forefront of minds spanning generations. As a member of such a generation, somewhat uniquely placed in the bosom of such a generation, personal experiences, and habitual insights allow the significance of such a tale to be told, one that in its purest essence believes not only in the capacity of love but also in the generations such a tale imitates, and ultimately represents.


‘Not Just A Story’ reflects on the faculty of love, in the face of modern, desensitised perceptions, it tackles issues that have thus far been unable to see the light of bookshelves in the UK telling a very, culturally defined UK story, leaving little else to add but enjoy reading the snippets, with a view to wetting the appetite for its approaching release, I hope ‘Not Just A Story’ becomes more than a story for you.

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