The Dating Game- Long odds, Apathy, surprising Juxtapositions-

While one man's experience can never truly speak for the masses, really the experience does. Thus the dating game, and it isn't just in competition with other games, it's also in competition with prepossessing vanity, apps abbs, higher learning education and free high definition pornography, not to mention 40 different passport stamps, such is the nature of swipe left, and take a hell just might freeze over first...chance, on cupid breaking his foot off in chivalry's metaphoric arse.

There are but a few, key elements that determine the rules and little regulation regarding the dating game, and one of them being the premise that the dating game resides on a notion of love; the proverbial key to life, and no matter the varying discourses surrounding the subject of love, regardless of how love may vary from culture to culture, or how it may differ between circumstance, context and background, what is important to note is the very thing that the dating game alludes to is rarely understood, and yet relentlessly pursued, or necessarily needn't be articulated by noble pioneers well enough to be understood, with the contemporary worldview on love; is that the entity that is love has adopted the universal acceptance that it's something that humanity could do with a lot more of, consequently the game of dating has gone up a notch, leaving the intensity to become life-affirming, leaving the consequence of losing the game always on hand to reaffirm life.

Accepting the premise; the question then becomes what makes the journey, into the often murky world of contemporary dating, worth it? To venture in and take this turbulent flight, destination bliss, regardless that the love temple left by soul-descendants remarkably look like a Costa on any given High St, what is the ultimate reward? In its quest for peace, energy and light and trust in God-forsaken elements, ultimately mean that for your punctilious, cosmopolitan, literally armed with savvy perquisite resumes for the aged old battle of dating, only with the aid of playing the game is the question of reward, well worth the journey, answered.

Another of these key elements is the nouns of dating; the dates, With 'Tinder', 'e-harmony', and all the "fish in the sea" able to put a capitalist price on an entity always revered as priceless, the game of dating has unmistakably appealed to the masses, and love and light and Al Green touch your soul aside, the woodwork, from which the masses have burrowed through, have seen these hollow fundamentals of morality blowing down the same High St like tumbleweed, thus the game, being that is "your" universe of love, engulf "you".

Despite the noble grandeurs dating has become expensive, and unless you have the creative know how of a fanatical tour guide, with a stunning lack of creativity being a common norm, chances are the capitalist price will determine personal expenditure, whilst trying to keep the idea of meeting people as motivated as it can be. Essentially it’s the truth about dating; the what really goes on, such as walking around galleries culturally bemused, in the faint hope that sophisticated tenures don't show their dole queue reality, or the fact that a lady orders lobster on the first date, and tall, hard to pronounce cocktails with child in a sweet shop glee etched across her self-satisfying face, only to sit there and watch her barely nibble at no lunch at work for the next two weeks, and only sip the nothing but water for the next fourteen days, and if it wasn't for the emasculated Isaac Hayes classic sounding like far too much dust adds slipping to the rhythm, the raw and real resentment would tell the prissy b**ch she offensively lacks class. And then, in this particular heterosexual instance, he looks nothing like the picture he posted on his profile, and the bundle of drug money, because it's not in a wallet, whipped out and counted as if to reaffirm that his manhood can pay her price, or have no intention of paying the bill, only to articulate that gender requirement doesn't exist in his contemporary, dating vocabulary.

Thus the calibre of people in the dating pool; the acute, key element, while the fundamentals of the dating game, albeit barely, intuitively hold onto an accompanied Kumbaya sentiment, the reality is the dead wood, and as long as the dead wood profoundly represents the mood and posture of any given nation, tales, in fact legendary narratives, rightly so highlight the individuals with the moral empathy of bacteria, the sentiment being "it's dangerous out here;" on the competitive platform playing this game, a game that has love and light playing against the unbearable lightness of being, and the rest of their team searching for love when really searching for help.

If we take the example of dating Apps, and the tools in which a 'user' can use to best showcase their suitability, to their virtual, real life partner prospect (yeah, I know) one tool provided is being able to submit a song, a song that will go some way to compliment the little or far too detailed profile, and taking this tool, as to gauge the soundtrack for the movement sounds a little Grande,' a lot like Teddy's ‘TKO’. as opposed to Donny's 'A Song for You', thereupon the pool, swimming in it’s a host psychological ramifications to consider, in effect distinctions of what the dating game entails having got women withering their soul away with tales of unscrupulous, and borderline psychotic men, men who have all but ruined the possibility of companionship, leaving other men to try and make impossible shit right, but she's hanging in there, and so is he, because she's a believer in the idea of love, and so is he, inadvertently the dating game giving the spot-on insight into the emotional health of human society, in this particular, capitalist modern instance.

So, the dating game- one man's modern snapshot experience- the competition, the tangled idea of love; the key to life, the moral apathy, still the hope in chivalries’ lacklustre get-up and go. And upon reflection, though, in the contemporary West where time is money and money is time, and despite sincere best efforts moral application relentlessly keeps time in the bank, and only on Sunday tries to gain interest in the hour of God, even though the modern mood alludes to dating; as if it's like trying to kiss a glass window, with a helmet on, despite the long odds and no doubt those solitary, curled up in the shower moments, it still makes sense to the play the game, when playing the game, for one's right reasons is able to allude to the fact that within the layered dynamics of an increasingly bitter world, however vogue, there is still for the human spirit a semblance of romanticism left.

Whilst the emphasis is on playing safe, playing smart and playing well, in the hallowed words of Freddie Jackson's ‘Rock Me Tonight’, the premise of the dating game remains for love's all time sake, and words such as; "I'd miss you, even if we never met," thankfully still provoke the notion that it would be, what a' thing to be able to say.