Side Chick - The Last real Feminist

The ‘side chick’ – The rise of her phenomenon can no longer be understated, or ignored, or confined to the part of the social room that has no light.

She is; for all intents and purposes, for all intents and purposes, and her rise to fame was predicated, on the premise, that she was the woman who provided things that a regular life partner, or wife could not, cannot, and will not render particular things and fancies. Her new phenomenon owes to the fact that she was colloquially “cool” with that, she was okay being a man’s consummate mother-whore, she was content with being everything but ‘parley’ on a Friday night, and she had no qualms with ignoring her emotional and bodily essences, of which shape any interlude with a man, whom as a woman she couldn’t name him as her own.

Being more pomade than hot-comb, providing a lot more slap and a lot less tickle, in the face of a grinding social stigma, and deafening “bitch” talk about her “whore walk ” seemingly things have changed, and owing to the hashtag phenomenon; whether #MeToo, #ToTheGirls, or #NoMore, and frankly because R Kelly put a man’s modern morale back twenty years, and men, who use to listen to his music as if it were a blueprint to sexual conquering, feeling violated fucking hate him for it, and Weinstein taking absolute liberties, and because Derek from SW London, caught slipping with the side chick adds further fuel to an already raging fire, of which has a backdraft brushing aside all things ‘before’, it now transpires; the side chick is no longer the ‘side-dish’ to the “main meal.”

Understanding her rise in morality, and the social standing that frankly has her looking down on the sight of modern relationships, from her vogue-like pedestal, or back at the ‘happy home’ ruin in her wake, either way, whether it’s her significance, or her purpose, acutely her position in society, of which transcends race, culture and affordable curricular activities, can no longer be deemed as the cause to a ruin of what was never a happy home.

Accepting the fact that the side-chick is a creation of a Western tradition, of which bases its idea of love and marriage on the ‘one-man one-woman, vow to God standing,’ with the side-chick begging the question- What makes you a man? What makes you a woman? What makes her not a lady too? Whether she’s known for her ‘fuck me boots,’ or her vixen collusions and her “lady of the night” comparisons, when looking at the side-chick phenomenon, taking into consideration that lost civilisations, an present-day ones have long since adhered to the one man, and more than one wife tradition, in the society that she’s spoken of, in the context that the words speak to a contextual understanding, the side-chick, in the last sixty years, inadvertently, and by all means purposefully, is the only woman to bring the subject of modern sexual morality, and it’s tangled relation to the fabric of a social cohesiveness to the conversational floor.

With their sexy feminist stanzas intrinsically intertwined, the side-chick has risen to be the only woman, with an asserting manner the morally lacklustre nature of the day-to day mood seemingly requires, able to arrest a runaway Western morale, if but for a moment in a voguish time, and as so the men and their deep psychological shortcomings, and the noble, and not so esteemed wives can stop taking the limits of their own field of vision, for the limits of the world.

To clarify the psychological consequence, for some while their limit is in the seeing, and for others, it’s in the doing, the side-chick phenomenon talks about the problem of rejecting facts before us, as a plethora of societies, making up this one big society, some calling it Vogue some call it oppression, more importantly, away from the cultural connotations it’s facts that recognise the problem with standing by limits when others, maybe, and probably can think better than you can, can do more than we can, can think better or think more honestly than you can, or believe in something we cannot, with a vision limited trying to limit the world, and everyone else to that view, it becomes a matter of ignoring the questions the side-chick, with her reaffirmed phenomenon really asks, about us.

While hashtag movements point towards, whilst aggravated, a more liberal, internally intense conflicted society, what is clear, notably a clarity afforded to the us, because of the reformation side-chick, and her speak clarity to the loins of men, her out loud to the sacred heart of womanhood, and more acutely to the understanding of her own socially dammed self, whether it’s loathe her, secretly adore her, or from a rooftop stretching lungs proclaiming her, she is here, she is the truth, and by all accounts probably the last undaunted feminist left.