Long day - merciful end.

Location: Train – Between Euston station & Watford Junction

Time & Day: Friday - 6:41 pm

Mood: Long day at a merciful end.

I move my body in the way the music prescribes; the sound makes it so that the rhythm speaks a concealed, yet audacious beauty. And in doing it resonates wax eloquent, that speak to me steadiness, some of that divine continuity cocooned by a delicacy within a depth only the crevices of the intimate feels, it doesn’t permeate every single bit of the of the soul, just that all important bit, the phenomenon being you're moved by sentiments only the delicacy of humanity can provide.

Truly fucking remarkable delights in the penetrative enjoyment of music to the notice of soul, as such, well versed, carefully selected Playlists have been compiled, Sunday mornings are now revered and make love has hailed the significance of this infusion, with music, acutely the connection nothing else in life can offer.

Thus on the way, frankly intimate close with strangers, some ghastly, others a lot more alluring, recently losing the conflicts of everyday life, in the awakening, and almost at complete rest at the same time, with the aid of tracks like Kandaiki’s: Mammal Hands, and Abusey Junction’s: Kokoroko; speak about it becomes ever more profound, significantly, harmoniously why. It’s a thought.