Trump, Theresa, the Hustle

“…God Save the Queen,” and “God bless America” is a divine metaphor for purity and safety…”

Stuffed, baked, and roasted beyond the tolerance of an apathetic palate. With the changing paradigm of modern-day politics, democracy has become synonymous with branding, and it is very emotional, and as such the contemporary voter behaves more like a customer, who is out to purchase into the ideology, fundamentally the right to its liberty, and more popular than ever the relationship between moral and power is a very subtle one, an acquainted sentiment, and kindred to that which is the subject of relentless reflexion.

Governing the “sentiment” –the biting animosity, the well-known hope, the ageless resolve-ultimately is a democratic ruling overseeing the Politics; the activities associated with the governance of the United Kingdom, with this particular sentiment, emotionally woven into the modern fabric of Britain’s…societies, if Politics is to serve the “will” of the people, as a means to a Utopian ideal political rhetoric is fundamentally rooted in, such a sentiment has presented itself has nothing more profound, according to Britain’s societies, than the seemingly undomesticated, and laden activity of Brexit, the portmanteau of "Britain" and "exit", the impending withdrawal of the UK from the European Union (EU)

Whilst merits and detriments associated with the UK withdrawal, may or may not hold ultimately enough political significance, labelling the activity as “profound” stems from the matter of enough people, to legitimise the will of enough people, and whilst politics serve to deliver the demands associated with the will of the people, eventually words such as nationalism, patriotism, culture and xenophobia sound an underlying tone; of which reverberates a sense of dispossession, in endorsed quarters a demise, single-mindedly focused on reclaiming a proverbial sense of right, and order, and whatever the certified provocations are elected to be, essentially the premise is race craft, cut and sown, politically strutting a contemporary swag the debated hustle remaining vintage.

The segregated, body politic, cosmopolitans, naturally focus on the mouthpiece sounding out a political rhetoric, profound enough to change the order of life, and in the quarters in which the politico grandiloquence is heard, in those very politically charged postcodes, “Theresa” is yet another significance in an affiliated struggle- the physical labour, the emotional toil- and the inevitable hustle needing to contend with the likely, and numerous consequences already tolerated.

Theresa May, the former Home Secretary, called a snap general election less than a year into her premiership, in which she lost her overall majority, and while, ordinarily, it’s the job of the opposition party to point out the myriad ways in which the present government provokes an intensified resentment, spanning a national collective, a statistic notes the government is still 19 points ahead in the

" ...Two people in the world not likeable, the master and the slave..."

To serve as a statistical backdrop to political Britain, and just how it ties into a hustle for political inclusion, as if this article is unaware of the winding queues outside food banks across Britain, and astoundingly unacquainted with children charities pushing T.V. adverts, rousing donations from the bowels of empathetic souls, because too many children in Britain really are poor, abused and hungry, constantly told everything essentially is a numbers game, statistics take away reason and only reason beyond doubt.

In her time as Prime Minister the Conservative Party has reduced the benefits cap, affecting 116000 of the poorest families in the UK, overseen an ongoing crisis in the prison service, social services, and the nationally adored NHS, scrapped housing benefit for 18-21 year olds, presided over a local government spending freeze, and appointed Boris Johnson, described has having the unhinged knack of offending just about every nation on earth, whilst continuing to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, naturally perplexing proposed jail sentences of up to 14 years for whistle-blowers, and the prosecution of journalists, and exceptionally, albeit arguably ignorantly, underestimated the Grenfell disaster, and the Windrush saga; the very particular premise of class and creed in the UK, and its state of an increasingly distasteful affair.

Crossing the proverbial pond, a distance spanning two literal identities, and one shared language, grudgingly established since 1785, politics and policy in the United States continue to shape how the US accommodate Europe’s political difficulties. And the quarter given is significant, the world’s September 11 signalled the end of the age of geopolitics and the advent of global politics, of which predicated an international environment conducive to US interests and morals, such as preventing territorial dominion in Eurasia, with the UK as United States’ closet ally, it is in this context that the globalisation of world politics earns it’s keep, an acute sentiment, when in context the UK’s politics significantly influence how US politics will effect the rest of the world.

The continuous crescendo that is modern American politics, led by Donald Trump, is on the virtuous calling to “make America great! Again”, and with a rallying exclamation mark signifying the intensity of the yell, to feel the necessity or compulsion to assert the United States, the “exclusive” superpower of the planet is a “matchless” nation-state, or even in an unapt sense a “great” one, when universally accepted the claim is the opposite, that, at present, America is anything but matchless, or great, the notable attraction in this transatlantic relationship lies at the crux of “Brexit”, and “Make America great! Again”, in, effect, the assimilation of nationalist allegiances form a sense of order, the polarising, obsessive desire to popularise political issues, generating rousing reactions among voters, of which effectively goads them into action, for the voters concerned the stimuli is effectively dangled, and importantly given the theme of the political rhetoric the voters themselves voted for.

" ...religion and politics are never mentioned in polite society... "

Nothing new in the world of politics, and yet while religion and politics are never mentioned in polite society, social platforms and “breaking news” bulletins resonate “society” far from being polite, far from stable, in no way safe, ultimately the world as “we” know it brokering a critical stage, and at the forefront of this delving into the frankly frightening unknown, is a global politics that spend more on their military than any other nation, export more weapons, incarcerate more of their population than any other country, no other country having nearly as many guns as people, where equality is the worst in the industrialised world, in effect the moral of a nation distilled in a video clip of their Commander in Chief, boasting of sexual exploits, and the associated flagrant impunity, of which makes a mockery of the politics the will of the American people stand-by, or not at all.

Away from parliament, and the politics, yet not the social perspective reluctantly wooed by protesters toiling marches, #tagging another cause, and filling perspective City skylines with discontented placards, and malcontent banners, it’s fair to conclude the modern political quintessence of government, and governance doesn’t do what it says on the “tin”, not exactly.

Given the grounds and subterfuge of modern politics’, the fabric of society remarking the preferences are eclectic, improvisational, and often contradictory, consequently the hustle becomes a matter of control, over body, over thought, over sense of self, painfully akin to the body politic once divided into stocks and policies. With the appointment of President Donald Trump, and bitter Brexit spearheaded by Prime Minister Theresa May, contemporary, unapologetic political protagonists can influence, and mould the principle of the political hustle with the mandate entitled: “will of the people,” as they see fit, accordingly the politics governing the objective of the street- a citizens democracy that is not their own- the hustle will continue to define the fashion of the walk, everything else is subordinate to this fact, as modern as it gets, the hustle with its quiet acquiescence no longer willing to tolerate such a thing; the law, the establishment, the politics of governing- the connotation of the political hustle subsisting as the law may be a culmination of fascist pigs, but the country is ruled by majoritarian pigs.

"...democracy is not obliged to accept the world’s definitions..."

As a result, of the mendacities, of the actualities, while politics has long since ingrained its values in the holy grail that is democracy, inadvertently, and in no way shy, the theme of current global politics has crystallised the humane relationship between the rich and poor, it has certified the underlying distinction of difference between black and white, the modern premise of the “hustle” uncomfortable with the fact that democracy is not obliged to accept the world’s definitions, rather than the proclamation is a given, and while “God save the Queen”, and “God bless America” is a divine metaphor for purity and safety. the hustle, is what 90 year old, dashiki wearing activists refer to as the world, and it has not changed, the authentic hustle, for equality, for freedom, and the right to live as humane should naturally dictate, remains as sought after, and in too many quarters unattainable as ever.