10 Things to do in 2019 - Resolutions null 'n' void.

It was, as far as I could ascertain the 23rd of December when “why not” decided to compile such a list, and though ego’s amp would prefer to put the inspiration, behind such a list down to divine intervention, and authentic salvation of a life-affirming kind, if truth be told, of which the list endeavours to do, paying attention to the detail has to chalk-up this proclamation to the fact that at the point the list was emotively conceived; the body was liking the semi-drunk, semi aroused naked shower droplets that held the moment in a place of eternity, in effect a bewildering blur of a senior moment, a heart-warming, distressing, moving recital of 2018 at an end, and consequently whether energies, and emotional resiliencies aside can even begin to attempt to determine, or divine, the prospects of 2019.

Preferring to air dry, taken aback by the freedom of walking naked in the confine of the living room, to the bedroom and back again, in the mo. of the penis swinging in a rather surrendered breeze the points to the list began to take shape, and in the spirit of wet feet, in need of a pedicure, leaving footprints on a cold, hard, wooden floor, provoked by the analogy of the tired feet, and the cold hard routine of step-by-step leaving its mark, only to disappear, more often than not without a trace, with immediate effect, as in at the sight of badly kept toe nails according to self-denial for the last f**king time; the list should insinuate revolt, against the precision of the badly kept norm, it should insinuate the incitement of revolution, and change, whist suggesting taking up passion-Posey poetry might be a good way of dreaming faith.

10 Things to do, and hope for in 2019.

1. Stay, or be relevant.

In an age, renowned for its ‘dare not keep still’, or keeps “it” moving, has come to mean, that the phenomenon is, there is no patience for things that are, or may even just appear to be introspective, equating to all things thoughtful, solipsistic and solicitous irrelevant. Thus fuck ‘em; the superficial, one-dimensional, members of our beautifully conflicted social dynamic, one of the last true claims to self is the natural ability to relate to your humankind, whilst your germane, self-consciousness does other than replicate the world, where disliking to do so has to remain proud of your very own significance. It’s a wonderful thing, though tirelessly trying the laws that be haven’t outlawed it, just yet.

2. Be your own cause.

#MeToo, the numerable voices reconciling Brexit’s in or out, the unforgivingly denied voices of Black Lives Matter, all worthy causes, no matter what angle perceives the grounds and reason, or whatever varying degree of allegiance identifies with any cause, the consequence has always been with self, losing the very essence of its own cause, whether biceps would gladly ache, if but to wave another poignantly scripted placard, coloured in the pink of my flesh, the blue of my Party, or in the black of my soul, rather than leading your own cause; the self-identified, dynamic, introspective allegiance to the spirit in moi, in the spirit of me, of which should be what defines what every last breath, or the occasional breath knows exactly what it’s fighting for.

3. Stay clear of Dating apps.

Aside from rendering every modern human being incapable of words to another in person, it’s literally turning brain matter to mush. With very self-absorbed, nauseated profiles, and options to swipe right, or left, and the sea of emotional oblivion welcoming another lost soul to get lost in, and the profile pics indicating tales of wholesome cleavages, and the bilateral consequence of fake eye lashes, and stars, twinkles and bunny noses, for reasons somewhat intelligent cannot make sense of, all renders ‘ffs’ one way of articulating the disdain at the sight of human connections, becoming a thing of a far-fetched pass. Essentially the healthy evolving of human relationships depends on it, the aged old phenomenon of chance and meet should never be forsaken, how else would we tell the tale of how we met? Or do people not meet each other anymore?

4. Make more love, fuck less.

It’s no phenomenon that the porn industry is a sustainable, thriving industry because vast numbers of people are sexually dependent and emotionally defunct, in some cases both at the same time making these particular individuals forever striving to define the duality of their sexual prowess, and its ability to resonate their love, in some quarters that and other instances of psycho-babble bullshit that lead confusion no closer to the problem, if of course this is one. Spoiler alert! There is one, the world starves and lavishes on the sexual nuances of fuck and make love, in the midst of the act people are conceived, and born, into a world where fuck and love hold no difference between them, and we are where we are, and things of a sexual nature be what they be.

5. Death to the weave (for the Sistas)

Weave, wigs, fake lashes, sown in, yanked out, it’s all too much, the transgressions of what has become a cultural signifier, for all the wrong, and frankly embarrassing reasons must be banned, outlawed and burnt at the steak if at all necessary, even though it’s necessary enough to suggest such a flaming end to its just being here. They (they being these women) say it’s convenient, they say its fashion, they say it covers the void of “bad” hair, and it’s what men want and like, in response necessary enough to say it looks ugly, it doesn’t look real, so unreal to suggest the woman’s head who it sits on has no real depth to her own divinity, of which she should be embracing, in all its forms, and frankly fuck the insensitivity the latter may resonate, and only because a Brotha is likely to be proudly caught-up in his own divinity, when he feels that his opposite would feel and look better for it, psycho analysis aside men only ever want, and like, what women want and like. And said in the true spirit of “for my Sista!” it needs to be said and endlessly repeated.

6. Pray (for the Atheist alike)

When on Christmas day, when you may unwisely have chosen to listen to the queen’s speech, again reciting the need for goodwill unto others, and garnered tolerance for others, some of the speech mentioned poverty, whist in the background there stands, in all its royale a golden piano, a moment when praying seemed the only alternative to life’s aliments. Sign of the times, terrorism and dictatorship on the rise, when those are still getting a rise out of “make America great again”, where inverted commas speak clearer than any meaning ever does, implications in a time when journalists are murdered, with the words “with impunity,” telepathically inscribed on their tombstones only means what it should mean, remaining no other alternative but to pray, either pray, or the common man and woman storm every structure of authority, in turn giving sovereignty back to the people, for this we should pray also, for the young, for the old, for Syria, Uganda, Myanmar and Bangladesh, for the growing militarization of foreign policy, pray, along with anything else that makes sense to pray for.

7. Say No to Drugs.

Under constant review.

8. Trust more.

Now-now, let’s not get carried away with Kumbaya sentiments cloaked in utopian ideals, just yet, the premise here is to trust more, something of which remains incredibly difficult when the best-selling book, ever, still proclaims Kane killed Abel, and one be foolishly unwise to forget it, as with all things in this book, written in a way to represent a blueprint to a god-fearing, benevolent life, consequently the trust more premise no doubt remains under constant review.

9. Know what you eat, know what to eat.

Vegans, veggies, to some degree pescatarians; power to you, as far as the carnivores are concerned; those who pour scorn over the awakened few, who are not under the delusion that their meat is reared, harvested, and prepared with the health of the nation in mind, even more power to you. And rightly so, and only because the awakened are not open to the idea that factory-farmed animals, eat shit, literally. “Feedstuff!” ladies and gentlemen, which begs the question, what’s feedstuff?

10. Take up Self-defence.

You may need it, then again, considering soaring physical attacks, and psychological reasoning behind why austerity has never been about the money alone, chances are if you find yourself running the cosmopolitan rat race, where tempers often fray, and emotional imbalances are seemingly part ‘n’ parcel of every godforsaken, groundhog day, chances are self-defence is exactly what you will need, thus, if for the right reasons, it’s still okay to hurt people and love God.

And there with have it, essentially a call to be brave, defiant in the name of blameless, and somewhat reckless, like any other year little is known of the rules to the game, to which we play, but play anyway. Happy 2019, 2020 is already fast


And there with have it, essentially a call to be brave, defiant in the name of blameless, and somewhat reckless, like any other year little is known of the rules to the game, to which we play, but play anyway.

Happy 2019, 2020 is already fast approaching.

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