The Game - When Everything, Is Not As It Seems -

...All very taxing, all very internal struggle, all lots to lookout for from a vantage point that can appear deceivingly dim,..

The ‘game’ has changed; more specifically the game has changed the player. And the ‘game’ – not the colloquial hustle - not the monotonous 9-to-5 allowing diets to eat, not the extended deceptions which compel a hustlers commitment, not the quick cash not the professional growth, not the courageous, intrepid, stout-hearted or spirited synonyms, not the hustle in the blood used to survive in a game that typically has invisible walls and linear levels, which doesn’t allow the player to decide how and when to pursue clear objectives. On this occasion, this game, this particular, socially adhered activity begs a question to a man’s visual interpretation, of his sexual lady like, and the transgender in the equation that has him scurrying for safe hills, courtesy of sex’s drive, running on fuel that simply doesn’t facilitate his internal combustion.

‘Mama told me’ – a deep rooted essence of understanding – Mama told ‘you’ what type of woman a man should want, the type of woman a man should need, the type of woman God loves, for she will be the type to bare your children, God willing and amen. And ordained by the deep-rooted understanding, subjected to social trends, cultural highs, sexual appetites, hot buttered female bodies and on the one occasion; the soul feeling it needed the forgiveness of Jesus, because the soul felt it wanted, more than it needed the manifestation of a beautiful consummate mother-whore, point being, throughout puberty, youthful exuberance, culture highs and manly desires, life’s entrails has archetypally, yet carefully constructed the image of a woman, to be a woman - that’s what she generally looks like and soul understanding, though sometimes morally conflicted is okay with that. Hence the game- the game being the idea of one’s opposition- as your entire life has always known it to be, subsequently, with the emergence of the transgender; the new and improved , can’t tell the visual difference between what life has only ever known, and whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex is of great concern to the casual flirtations, that know no better, nor have the sophistication or time to be deliberating whether the object of horny desires actually speak of something else.

Contrary to popular, misguided opinion men do talk, generally speaking they talk a lot, they even carry out examples, of what they perceive as deception to make an inadvertent point more valid in the light of the real world, away from their closed quarters, WhatsApp groups and link-up’s every three to four months, examples such as; according to the deep rooted perception, four woman in a picture, stood shoulder to shoulder looking all very delectable, all very send the erotic pulse racing, and begging the question as to whom, of the four, in order of preference would one enjoy f**king, not ‘sleep’ with or make love to, just carnal, fleshly desires as if to validate the point that what your eyes see are not necessarily what the soul desires, because if that’s all one see’s what exactly is the image, what really is the desire born from what, and generally speaking how is it, one just picked the preference of men, when all one loves is the hot buttered female body, a violation of the highest order of which has no choice but to contemplate life as he knows it, as his children will know it, as Mama never saw it coming leaving the man to consult his sexual desire all over again, for the first time.

All very taxing, all very internal struggle, all lots to lookout for from a vantage point that can appear deceivingly dim, consequently the connection between transgender and lady like are explicably linked, and realities and prudence cannot get away from that, for those that just don’t understand, and neither have any desire to do so the cultural leap is an uncomfortable one, and though the emergence naturally evokes deity, moralities, genderqueer, homophobic tendencies and that's the way ‘they've’ grown in utero, not forgetting the many not sure if the latter terminology befits, what is essentially the emergence of a remarkable transgender quality, what is clear is Mama is going to have to come up with a new pep talk, one that reflects the times, one that has no qualms with pointing out the pitfalls of desiring just what you see, and why one might see it, one that will provoke men to keep on talking, and encourage each other to step-up their individual games, a game where the sole object of which is to not remember, or want to know that you are playing it.

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