Confessions Goes Public: how to be, proud to be - 5 Things You Should Know.

July 31, 2017

' to be, proud to be...'


With the world seemingly beset with imperial differences, and religiously renowned sentiments regulate the consequence of attitudes, and opinions, and romanticisms, of life-affirming concern, whilst any of these given statuses continue to interpret, and attempt to define the very function of any given society, amidst the backdrop of a UK actuality, essentially wooed by the commerce of an intellectual background, and every cloud in the sky really does compose tones with shades to panic irrational-thought, as far as here and now is rightly concerned it was a proverbial ‘wrap’ ever since Gil Scott-Heron's beautifully recited: – ‘The Television Will Not Be Televised’, - gave pleasure its two-step, and the beat its rhythmically intensified nod; the very motive of which provoked ‘Hot Tips’ on ‘proud to be’ freely revelling in the urge to say it loud!

So, in no particular order, but for the first and the last, because amidst the rigours of a concrete jungle birdsong really is the essential couplet, the coming ‘hot tips’ on how to be; proud to be, comes with the assiduity of a telling set in deep-rooted soul, and thus all the authenticity saying ‘it’ loud ever needs.


Tip 1: See beyond colour.


The idea is not to ignore ones colour, more allow a human consciousness to see beyond it. As proud as one might be, of a layering tone, casing the essence of what the skin distinguishes, it being a raw essence of life governing all persisting things; the same natural occurrence that doesn’t give a good god-dam about the colour of skin, whilst the stigma of today’s pollution can often abstain from inhaling, and exhaling, the beauty of seeing beyond colour is not a past benevolent principle, not when ‘philanthropy’ beyond colour beautifully distinguishes, quintessence, life-affirming magnanimity, in essence prompting the veracity of a living soul to live life, according to the human in the alive, (Guaranteed liberated experience)


Tip 2: Love what you see.


Once the human has been defined, and sworn to be loved, you've got to be able to stand in front of mirror ‘you’, and in the starkness of testicles hung low, and breast hung higher, it is to ogle at that ‘you’, to salivate at the mouth if must, you’ve got to be able to stand there and grasp the unhurried tonality and lounge in the precise, pulse, placid-rhythm, exercising real unadulterated vanity, because of whom you see catch the irregular flusters on the whim of time animated by the lure of the omega, and why it never stops; the smooth exhale wording the perfect-form of sustained-speech, telling ‘you’ I love you, toned by beautiful-tongue lips, honed by poetry imposing consonant, the caught-up in the imagination really does melt a contemporary thaw with every design and intention to heal at loving what you see. (Guaranteed life changer)


Tip 3: Define purpose.


Indeed, a complex, straightforward proposition, in its purest form, purpose being the reason for being- vision, mission, values – a trait of which without can often recite doom poetry, the definition of exclusive purpose is essential to the ‘you’, as defining purpose reaffirms a belief in what ‘you’ stand for, the very definition ensures that efforts equate to live ‘your’ life by design, and not someone else’s fashioning. Whilst the contemporary complexity of defining purpose, can often shroud the aspiration with a contemporary vagueness, if the plan is to dance little brother, to the rhythm of don’t give up the fight, or to teach children the best way to navigate through the future world, or build bridges, or speak the gospel because the love of humanity compels the spirit to do so, or simply retain the role of the best parent maternal can be, bottom-line life begs the question: am I something the world can do with, or do without? And we; the people are compelled to answer it.

With undercurrent times increasingly dictated by a more aware consciousness, defining purpose is a sure way of answering such a question, emphatically. (Gets you on a cloud without a number)



Tip 4: Sex, Love, knowing the difference.


Comprehended by virtue of experience, the importance on the difference between the two cannot be stressed vigorously enough. With contemporary, high-culture continuing to reinforce the image of a global nation of nymphomaniacs - ‘nymphomania' applying to females, ‘satyriasis’; the male counterpart – set loose on the moral significance sexual intercourse is the concern it is today. The scenario is what the Sutra is, because of what it is, often reprehensibly bespoken today, and pornography cements the sexual allegiance to “the only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform”, and sex trafficking exists as a human shame, in several quarters considered not disgraceful enough, and rape is still reliant on its increase, the difference between sex and love cannot be stressed….vigorously enough. And because sex encompasses everything about the human inability to project affection, to do so, with love, continuing to principle the moral backbone of the world, every single person is involved, and knowing the difference between the two is ultimately dictating the crudity, and the loveliness of human affection for each other, or not (To be deeply explored)


Tip 5: Question pride.


Pride- A feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by others, whilst respecting others, and why pride can be nothing to be proud of; the “inordinate self-esteem.”

Does it serve us or trap us? How does it differ from dignity? When divining the phenomena of seeing beyond colour provokes loving what ‘you’ see, in-turn cajoling a defining purpose, consequently emphasising acts of affection, questioning pride inadvertently let’s exhale know if that’s the rhythm of living life should be breathing, never letting the true essence of pride lose its way, or negate it’s most precious asset and idolized appeal. (A sure winner)


'Hot tips', on how to be; proud to be, is ultimately layered on the premise that “let us not forget who we always forget”, a poignant choice of words, recollecting stance, favour, and personal morality ruling ‘our’ world, in essence the modern-day crux is that blogs entitled ‘hot tips’, feel the need to contemplate definitions of life-affirming necessities.




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