Religion!? Brotha' please!

A narrative bequeathed by superstition upon common sense.

“Wade in the water, wade in the water children, wade in the water, God's gonna trouble the water.” Well, intimate thoughts digressing all things fading, leaving profound considerations standing, after ‘Greenfell’, ‘Manchester’, Borough Market, and the two year old pronounced dead via his double figure fractures, after all, and then some, and no doubt the more to follow suit, after them all, despite the soul shaking the absence of belief in the existence of a worthy deity, as far as the emotional pain is concerned perception can’t help but feel that God needs to trouble the water, according to religion and subsequent verse the idol really does, make a wave or two, even dip a finger and ripple the placid normality, because though philosophies will forever proclaim that at the deity’s house is the hottest gig in town, some of the vilest vicious barbarisms perform at this gig, in the name of religion- the brutality, inequality and ignorance of the act (s) performed- all religiously reaffirmed as the will of "God", so much so believers stand in a queue that bends around the corner, stood standing endeavouring to look cool, and appear committed, in their raybands blinded by the light whilst the paid queue jumpers smirk as they glide by, the anger and resent convincing a false hope that they uttered the word: “foolish peasants” underneath their breath.

An estimated 90 percent of the world's population believes in some sort of monotheistic or polytheistic system - some type of religion - the overall message is that humans are a religious race; they adhere to the word of God and have being doing so since and before scriptures entitled it so. And alas, history is also replete with instances of the old adage of not talking about religion and politics, as to avoid conflict, because the world’s faith is prone to religious conflict, something of which has never been more true as it is today, religion something people take so seriously that they fight, and die in the name of a particular belief system, resulting in the potential for death of millions being documented for millennia.

Thus, for many, today generations tend to feel they are orphaned broods of what looks like a defunct faith – it does not do what it says faith in thee will do, it does not deliver on its promise, it is the only thing perception cannot verify for sure, but give it one’s all nevertheless- and ever since inspiration was conceived by Mr Gill Scot Heron reciting that ‘the revolution will not be televised, it will be live’, and Granny use to say “time will take care of time”, relishing their years and the wisdom life’s memoir has endured ‘The Crusades’, the ‘Jihads’, the ‘Ku Klux Klan Murders’ and the ‘Genocide of Native Americans’, as well as the ‘Mayan Sacrifice’, ethnic cleansing of ‘Kashmiri Hindus’ and ‘Satanic Sacrifices’, all up to ‘Heaven's Gate’ (cult) whilst still worshiping the sacrifice of an apostle named Jesus Christ nailed to a bloodied cross, amongst other acts from different faiths still swearing allegiance to a devotion seemingly not on the footpath to perdition, when hell on earth is one of the most popular, colloquial terms the human race presently speaks of. Hence, where was the richness in gospel belief then? Not God, but the faith that human distinction at the moment finds it almost impossible to segregate the two, when Jesus Christ was said to know he was God. As far as toady can tell there has never been one ideology or set of behaviours to which all adhere, consequently, more than ever, the philosophy of life’s stance embraces human reason, more than ever a thinking articulates ethics that resound revolutionary song, and advocates an attitude to social justice for the many that religion has never heard of, philosophical naturalism while specifically rejecting religious dogma- supernaturalism, the pseudoscience- the human distinction that religion, as time has shown, has seemingly had a hard time pronouncing just as well.

Whether the old adage of religion talks the argument of inconsistent revelations, or the rejection of concepts that cannot be falsified the problem of evil remains, and it appears as vivid as ever, and enthusiastically rampant, and with the gaping divisions of secular philosophies - secular humanisms- what is becoming apparent is the need for a world conscience to breath their human distinctions, as opposed to uttering words of a futile gospel, while ‘Babylon’ still refers to the Biblical rebellion against God through the Tower of Babel; the all-encompassing title of the corrupt establishment restricting and retarding the progress and freedom of the people, building pyramids, in some modern way writing one’s own humanoid, hieroglyphs, with all the greetings and salutations throughout the world the human distinction, and its ability to represent heart and soul, and not the power of a word divining belief is key, and clearly the future of humankind reliant on it.

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