Scorzayzee :  GANGSTA WRAP!                                                                    

When James Dean said; “Live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse,” in the 1950s, Americans were much thinner and fast food was a new invention, nowadays obesity is more than just a by-line that cool actors felt good saying, nowadays the effects of obesity plague the health of adults, and children alike, and while the NHS can no longer afford to treat the off shoots of obesity - diabetes, depression, coronary heart diseases, strokes and asthma - fact of the matter is eating fast food equates to  dying younger and the ever increasing obese corpses telling us why.

Fast food is a $103-billion industry, it complements the obsession with immediate gratification and conspicuous consumption, it embraces the consumption of calories, saturated fat and maybe even the potential carcinogens in the beef, and let’s not forget trans fats, and the hydrogen to polyunsaturated cottonseed oil, and the blood cholesterol , but before this insightful review turns into a science lesson; of which would be largely ignored or quickly forgotten, up steps Nottingham rapper; Scorzayzee, and his latest video which comes as part of a whole new Fast Food X Rap concept called ‘Gangsta Wraps’, a call to arms if you like, a song that hits the issues of fast-food head on, and what a revolutionary video, what a refreshing concept, without doubt a truly engrossing notion doing a lot more for the ‘people’ than any of the irresponsible fast food outlets ever did, and never will do.


Scorzayzee, and GM Unit aims to defeat McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and all the other fast-food outlets that perpetuate an industry that in the end makes their profits out of killing people slowly, and the aim is to instigate change as far as the masses eating habits are concerned, the objective being to encourage the consumption of his own nutritious brand of fast food: Gangsta Wraps! And it all started when; (Producer Stejallan explains) “There was a bunch of us working in fast food restaurants around Nottingham. I’m a promoter and most of my friends are rappers, singers, musicians or producers. We began watching documentaries like ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’, ‘Hungry For Change’, ‘Ingredients’ and ‘Cowspiracy’ and the reality is f**ked up, so we quit our jobs at McDonalds and formed GM Unit, a revolutionary Gangsta Wrap crew who have vowed to take down Ronald McDonald and inspire change.” And that’s the essence of it,  after a sojourn into the world of fast food corporates, Scorzilla and the newly formed GM Unit (who include rappers Jehst, among other revered MCs) have caught Ronald McDonald, The Colonel and The King dead to rights in this heroic video, and the video being something that Scorzilla has always embraced; in terms of the substance of his work, a video that neatly falls into with noted past projects; of which this Nottingham Hip Hop lynchpin has consistently utilised his convoluted lyricism to address a number of society’s wrongs against the communities the social order is supposed to be serving, consciously, and on a plate.


‘Gangsta Wraps ‘, (something of which has already become a Whispermaze favourite) sees him continuing his trend, a tendency that is creative, necessary, and poignant in the world of hip-hop seemingly losing its credibility among the masses, and the ‘old skool’ aficionados alike, and it’s important to note,  McDonalds understands that food is a cultural issue, it spends more than half a billion dollars a year promoting the McDonalds culture of eating, and its golden arch rivals the the most universally recognized symbols in Western culture, the Golden Arches being more recognised than the Christian cross.

Artist: Scorzayzee  Title: Gangsta Wraps (Take The Throne)

Format: 12” Vinyl / Download Bundle

Label: Gangsta Wraps