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Sample Answer

The Dublin-born singer: Sample Answer- Not a stage name to be quipped at, and when the name acts like prelude to a puzzle, worth finding out, what you come up on is an artist who clearly values his individuality, and a distinctiveness of which uniqueness thrives on.  And while Sample doesn’t, and cannot fit into any particular genre, or style, per say, the sheer expression of his musical narrative is as distinct, as is rarely found. Often irritated by the lack of live instruments in todays music, the importance of music, for music’s sake, also resonates on a musical level that lets you know that you’re listening to something different.


And ‘different’ means ‘good’ in the music fraternity, distinctly apparent on the track;  ‘Good Boy’, a track worthy of the ballad, and the drum arrangement as the song deals with faith and reality effortlessly implied with a walk a’ long stroll, with that hip in your step and that head nod effortlessly swaying to and fro, undoubtedly in attendance on the track : ‘Textile Baby’, a contemporary mix of bass, drums and that; ‘whatever’ sway and cultured hints of a liberated sexuality; while it’s the tone of the music and the ease of the singing narrative that makes the track what it is- melodic, poetically expressive, tasteful. While music moves on, and good music often tends to only stay good for a chart topping moment, great music is undoubtedly hard to come by, and the experimental sound, and his lyrical calibre and that; oh so on the edge but with grace singing tone, as an artist one would be foolish to think Sample Answer won’t be begging questions for longer than a moment.

You’re a Dublin-born singer, gone on to support artists such as Pete Doherty, Damien Rice & Gabrielle Aplin, what was it like finding your way through the Dublin music scene? How did the Dublin music scene inspire you?

Dublin has a way of always grounding you. I love my home. It's beautiful

What were those times like when you used to play your Casio keyboard whilst playing acoustic guitar, in essence, what inspired you to do so? 

My band left me and I thought I would try and do it by myself, I like relying on just myself. 








London, Camden happens to be a favourite of my own, the canal, the culture, the market and the tourists, the hustle and the bustle, describe your experience in Camden selling CDs, wrapped in lined copy book paper, held together with duct tape, for a fiver? 

Being that poor is scary I suppose, but I just stayed positive and

believed, I had faith it would be ok, and it was ok. The world isn't

always a cruel place, that's just what your fed.
Here at Whispermaze the objective is to see it as it is,

for Sample Answer, is it all, sex, drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll?

It's all women, work and is good, sometimes, I don't

do drugs anymore, I don't even drink. I love rock n’ roll, I learn from

rock n roll, but it depends what you mean by rock n’ roll...



What are you trying to say with genre of music? What is your style singing out to?

                                                         I don't want to think about genres too much, I don't want to ever think too much, I want it to be pure.
Gigging can be strenuous at the best of times, how does Sample Answer stay focused and fit?


                      I watch Michael Jackson, Radiohead, Tupac, Neil Young, Nirvana, The Stones & Prince religiously and I try to breath in & out
At Whispermaze we really like ‘Good Boy’, and with the success of 500,000 streams online, and your experience with those at BBC Radio, and XFM, and Textile Baby: EP, and the new "Collision EP”, how has that, and how is it going down? And what now, and next for Sample Answer? 

I'm so happy "Good Boy" has done as well as it’s done. It's over a million streams now, I just want to be able to play for all of those people who have listened and supported, I love those people, I want to give more to them.
What the one question you wished people ask more, and if you have one, what is the answer to it? 

Question: Apple or Pear?

Answer: Orange