Paleta, as a dancer/artist, as a person is of meaningful significance, and when Whispermaze conducted an interview with Paleta; the premise has always been highlighting the talent, and the significance such a talent when it engages with the public it serves. 


Born and raised in Switzerland, with notable accolades to her name, such as winner of the Experimental Dance Category at Juste Debout, UK, 2014, and Juste Debout Suisse 2013, that and first place victories at Vogue Knights, and again at the Nothing But Flavor Festival in Switzerland, Paleta acts a role models provoking inspiration, with the interpretation of her dance, her art, her goals resonating a desire for others to see her expression, through dance, her performances act as a blueprint for how one could behave, in essence expressing a survival function designed to help mimic the traits of emotional connections,  and through conversation, sometimes verse, what is apparent is that Paleta is a natural performer, ‘calm and quality’  resonating the character of her dance, and much more.


WM: Tell us about your career, in essence, why did dance become the profession for you?

You know  its that’s just  what I do, from when I was really small I was always moving, I always was active, I guess I just love to move, I love to express myself through dance and that’s music, so…


MP: Any particular genre that is a favourite?

Obviously I went down the route of the Jacksons and then some, but just music in general, whether it was as a family going to an event and music was playing I’d be the one dancing, I’ve always just loved music and how free it made feel.



WM: Calm and Quality: can you elaborate on that, what exactly does that entail?


MP: Calm and quality is like a philosophy I have, it’s how I live my life, it’s the way I see things, its two words that I’ve  put together that describe what I do and how I see myself as well, so, on one side you have the calmness about me, the calmness is about being balanced, and quality is what I strive for, if I do something I want to deliver quality, I don’t want to do something just for the sake of doing it,  I’m really ambitious in that way, especially when it comes to my art and how I express myself, so yeah; they function like ying and yang, so if you imagine the action of breath, to be able to breathe calm you need to put quality into your breath, and when you put quality in your breath you need to be calm from within, and that, as an example is how calm and quality are these two elements that resonate the nature of my art.


WM: What message, if any, are you trying to resonate through your dance?


MP: I want to be saying, pretty much that one mustn’t judge people or try and put them into a box, appreciate and embrace what you see, be prepared to go on a journey with the  performer or with me as a dancer / artist , sometimes people see movement, and then by wondering what style it is, it can happen that they switch off - and because of this they don’t really appreciate what they are actually been given by the artist/dancer. I’m saying be open to it, especially because I feel I’m able to really…capture people, and take them on my journey, all I ask is that people; the audience come on this journey with me.


WM: Why is that important to you?

MP: I guess that comes down to the character  I am, I CARE about things, I’m real, I care about real energies when I connect with people, I care about you as a person, I don’t care about who you are or what you do I care about how you connect with me, I’m not trying to pretend something, I do what I do because I feel that way, and I appreciate it when I see other dancers/Artists and performers do the same thing, that’s when they touch me, that’s when they talk to me.


WM: What are the biggest challenges in your profession, challenges that you have come up against or do come up against?


MP: Honestly, I feel at the moment, because I’ve only just recently announced myself on the London/UK dance scene, it’s a case of really establishing myself as an artist, to get out a message to people that I’m not just another one, another dancer, don’t get me wrong I can do it, you can put me into a group and bust out a choreography but that doesn’t express my skills, I believe I bring unique skills not just as a dancer but as an artist and as a human being.


WM; What are your goals as a dancer?

MP: My goal, as an artist is to ultimately open people’s minds, to encourage people to go further than what they think they know, to be more open to things that they can’t really describe or label, and to really be intelligent with what you do, don’t just do it, take your time with what you do, connect with what you do from the inside because what you do is going to make you…you, so yeah; it’s my goal to bring out this message, to create, to collaborate with different artists and even to shock people and put them out of their comfort zone -  this is in your face, open your eyes to things you can’t see on first sight.


WM: What keeps you going, what is it about what you do that keeps you inspired to keep on doing?


MP: I actually do have a tattoo that alludes to my focus on inspiration,  and it’s really quite expansive when I look at what inspires me, because I can honestly say ‘Inspiration Is Always With Me’ -  it can be people it can be energies, situations that I observe….anything,

what has kept me going also was the fact that I was able to connect with some very creative and unique individuals, like myself, and I feel like we are pushing each other and because we understand  how our minds work; the way we see things, in life, in dance, as an artist, it keeps pushing me, it’s an inspiration, when we get together to be creatve. We go by the name JILTD LDN.


WM; What are, if any; the immediate plans for Paleta?


MP: I have some performances and Workshops in Switzerland coming up, as well as some video Projects that I’m working on .Creating with JILTD LDN and just staying involved and visible to the public eye with what I do.


WM: Paleta, it’s been fabulous, thank you for your time.

MP: I appreciate it, thank you for having me.