‘Be yourself; don't be a fake: They all pretend to be sophisticated, but I'm keeping it real’. It is a rhetoric that was born in the 1960’s when particular people, of particular parts of societies, with likewise cultural belongings infused by a detachment that subsequently blighted the progression of their lives adhered to, ‘keeping it real’, and because everything else was unreal, and that is the essence Whispermaze was drawn to when we heard Mic Assassin - Perspective (Keep It Real) Feat. King Soyah. The track embraces the popular notion isn’t what or where it should be, having come from where it originated from; of which for the aficionado was submersed in reality and quality alike, resonating just the sheer joy of being in a way that bought a smile to the faces of listeners and fans alike.

South London Emcee Mic Assassin is back from an 8 year musical hiatus with a Hip Hop / Reggae infused tempo, and attitude, with his Jazz likes, and the sounds of Soul II Soul, Bob Marley, Charlie Parker helped infused the passion for the music, and from a visual perspective Mic Assassin likes to tell stories; the basis for which he always wanted to create, and playfully mocking the current state of Hip Hop’s musical offerings with lines such as “I don’t make molly popping skinny jeans theme songs / I don’t make fist pump glow stick meme songs”, the track embraces the predicament of the music industry as it is, the social context it sits within and the impression it gives to impressionable minds.

The track sees the passionate emcee humorously gliding across the head knocking soundscapes, orchestrated by multi genre beat conductor Demdrums, and being that the track is a  “Pimptastic” blaxploitation movie parody is the beauty of the song, the imagery, along with the lyrics takes you back to a time where pride in a culture, which one embraced was first and foremost, when the lyrics spun on plastic and aired on non-commercial radio stations were regarded as the only drive worth moving along with, and this essence, this true to the word belonging is, and we hope will be the staple Mic Assassin adheres to, and being that Mic Assassin directed, produced and edited this track reinforces his commitment to the genre, to the music, to the message, and subsequently Whispermaze salutes Mic Assassin, with both hands.

Mic aSSASSIN                                                                      

The song aptly entitled “Perspective” (Keep It Real) will be released on November 11th 2016 as a digital release, and check out Mic Assassin at www.micassassin.com