Mac Ferrari


Every now and again, things happen, people meet people, aspiration is inspired and in a nutshell, so to speak, happenings occur putting faith in humanity, literally, WhisperMaze never teary-eyed at the beginning.


Conveniently so the course of a coming together occurring at Lena’ Herew’s EP release, and the mode of transport of which got him to the location was his BMW 6 Series Convertible, silver, black Soft Top spec, licence plate reading: ‘F4 FAB’, and every inch of exterior, from wheels to rear-view casing, and the interior, from steering wheel to cup holder, written on, in ink, names, signatures, endearing illustrations, salutes and R.I.P’s, signed, meant, and consequently the clear example of just how many people want to be heard, or seen to be.


Mac Ferrari is a thirty year old male, a Londoner, and pardon you; the reader, not, Mac Ferrari’s story is that of a social conscience pre-occupied with the scenario facing the future prospects of youth in the UK, blog posts of which WhisperMaze has covered, in essence the aspirations of far too many youth numbers, in the UK, remaining bleak, dangerous, and to a large degree, according to children experiencing the everyday a future largely ignored, by their peers.  Mac Ferrari didn’t too well at school, and failing school prospects fashioned that of three choices, for the purpose of mention; the two involving a menial 9to5, and more uninspired education, aspirations thus leaning towards a criminality used in order to attain ambitions, Mac concurring with the fact that his rite of passage is far too similar to that of youth prospects in the UK, a social conscience of which resonates a global noise. Meeting people, experiencing life-affirming moments, Mac truly believed surly more than what he was contributing to the very humanity of human, and this review ain’t teary eyed yet, had to be more than he was sponsoring.


Fast forward history, with the understanding a particular perseverance got today to now, Mac introduced ‘Write Off World’ #WOW', with in excess of 21,000 scribing’s, and counting, space permitting; the idea being that such an act provokes, and evokes a much needed community spirit, and in what better way than to parade a valuable automobile, covered and devalued with random peoples scribbling’s. And yet such an act is not random, peoples scribbling’s their story within that little space given to express part of all myself, priceless, and not teary-eyed yet.


Sighting the car, understanding the rooted implications behind the reasoning, and the symbolic example set, donations made will go towards building a community centre unique to the UK, fundamentals of the project geared towards actually making a difference in children’s lives, and as progressed as the social movement is today, age remaining always more than mere number; hence the first 27 words of this brief review, and metaphorically, past the tissue now.