Leann O' Kasi

Leann O Kasi is a face familiar within the acting scene, and more so the scope of the acting ability displayed in all her roles to date, in essence a supremely talented actor.  Born in Dublin, Leann grew up in the East End of London, later on graduating from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and from then on evolving into the characters seen on UK television. Leann has appeared alongside Gregor Fisher and Tony Roper in the BAFTA award-winning BBC2 sitcom Rab C. Nesbitt, and with Gangs of New York actor Gary Lewis in short Last Order, amongst other titles, and as an illustration of her scope, on stage, her work includes projects with BBC Writersroom and Live Theatre, Citizens Theatre, Abbey Theatre Dublin and Theatre503. The accolades add up, they present a portfolio illustrating fantastic achievements as an actor, and yet Leann is only getting started, still emerging, still evolving, a remarkable young actress still bound for outstanding achievements.

Leann O' Kasi

 “I’d like to be in a position where I can make a difference to society, effect world change and all that! It might sound somewhat wishy-washy but it’s something that keeps me inspired, to have that to aspire to, able to influence change happening for the betterment of people and myself.

WM: “I have a legendary experience with just the thing. And the future for Leann O’ Kasi, what does it hold?”


LK: “World domination!”


WM: “I concur with the sentiment!”


LK: “Aside from that, for the immediate future I’d like to do more TV/Film projects, keep on testing myself as an actress and ‘d love to make my own films one day. I love music videos and would like to direct them eventually. I like how a music video can tell a story; they’re like mini-films! If done well, with a certain element of class and style they can be amazing...Other than that its business as usual for Leann O’Kasi.”


WM: “Well I for one wish you all the success in the world, it’s been a pleasure.”


LK: “Great speaking to you!.”

WM: You are an actress, defined by profession, what was, or what is; the one thing that convinced you acting was the profession for you?


LK: “In primary school me and my friends used to put on little plays at lunch time. We did things like ‘the Blob’ and ‘Dracula!’ Our teacher let us ‘present’ them to the class. I guess it gave her some time off! I was a shy kid but when I was onstage I was completely comfortable. I loved making my classmates laugh. I guess it pretty much evolved from then on, and by the time I’d done my A levels my best-friend at the time put the question to me “why don’t you?” So I applied to Drama school after a year of deciding not to.  At that time I didn’t even know what a drama school was and none of my family were in the profession so it was completely new territory for me.


WM: “…I sense something else?”


LK: “Well, you can’t teach someone to act, sure you can elaborate on styles and techniques, ways of embellishing your character for the audience or the screen, but to teach someone to act? I don’t think you can. For me Drama School gave me great discipline for this profession and  opened up new avenues, like when you open a toolbox. Doing different forms of acting allows me to expand on my range as an actress.”


WM: “Looking at your portfolio, it reads a healthy list of achievements, namely with regards to the theatre, now that I know this wasn’t exactly the plan, how does theatre differ from the film projects you have done?”


LK: “On one hand I find the stage a natural platform for me, there’s something very immediate about theatre which I find very exciting, it poses challenges that are always pushing my skills as an actress. On the other hand film poses other challenges – being aware of what is required for the different takes, camera sizes, angles etc. having the mental and physical stamina to do take after take after take doing something interesting and completely real. I really enjoy it!  Right now I’m doing a lot of self taping and workshops working on techniques best suited for film production, after acting for seven years now I’m enjoying adding these things to my toolbox!”


WM: “Besides acting you seem to have a healthy consciousness of your social surroundings, referencing to the HIV Documentary, regarding your affinity with poetry, how does this side of you impact on you, as a person, how do you see yourself impacting on this social consciousness?”


LK: “I’d like to be in a position where I can make a difference to society, effect world change and all that! It might sound somewhat wishy-washy but it’s something that keeps me inspired, to have that to aspire to, able to influence change happening for the betterment of people and myself. Aside from acting, my interests and work stem from the youth work I use to do. It’s been something that I’ve been passionate about from a young age. As an actress I know I’m in a position where I can highlight other things that matter to everybody else and I think that’s important.”


WM: “Now, being that Whispermaze researches interviewees, I came across your affinity for Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, throwing in some contemporary and period dance, what perked the interest is the Mezzo Soprano, I’m referring to A below middle C, two octaves above, tell me about that.”


LK: “I’m trying not to laugh too much, I can see you’ve done your research, frankly with regards to that what can be said; with a smile on my face, is ‘Spotlight’, Spotlight is an actors database, and as such part of your profile requires you to state your skills, I love latin dance and  Mezzo –Soprano/Alto refers to my range, I even lay claim to being a great shower singer, just not so much it being a dedicated interest, though, when scripts come along and singing is required, it is something I enjoy and really get into, if I get prior notice, it still can be a nerve racking experience though!. I  also enjoy listening to hardcore Trance so no singing required for that!”