Lenéa Purple Twa Herew

At the time of the evening when the stage required the given presence, Lenea Herew took the stage, and after saying thank you once again, to all those who kindly attended the launch of her new EP; of which drew on many experiences, and notable pleasures for soul, poetry, reggae and other genres, to start her act she started with an acapella song, a soulful song, evoking an attention with a ‘do not disturb’ face saying it all.  And there was a rawness to how she sung the lyrics she did, a personal attachment for the lyrics of which her singling resonated, well, her voice;  having a sweet and  harsh quality all at the same time, both at the same what her choice of acapella needed, and when she closed her eyes come the low notes, and clenched her fists come the high notes, her ability to sing with an almost stinging passion, expression,  hard to ignore, complimented by a voice of which was clear, crisp, delicate and forceful, and myself there, thinking, ‘I do believe this was the beginning of her talented scope.  Consequently Lenea sung tracks from an array of different genres of music. Soul tracks, reggae tracks, tracks of which were clearly motivated by her passion for poetry, evidently her voice; the reason for the lively, intimate crowd being there, was a voice that had the ability to not sound like a singer one has heard before, a uniqueness in her voice the more appealing it rose, and simmered, and the tracks requiring a strong, forceful tempo of voice, all of which she provided the mood, exquisitely well.


Artists like Lenѐa Herew, certainly not coming along as frequent as sunshine, these artists, with their sheer ability, in the end talents, always begs the question as to why; the music industry hasn’t picked up, this, diamond in the rough, and then again, how fortunate are we to experience the talents of Lenea Herew, in such sparkling fashion.  WhisperMaze salutes Lenѐa Herew, with both hands.



Needless to say there was great anticipation with regards to this particular review, and though many a’ journalists could, and will easily view it as just another review, Monday night at the Mau Mau Bar, there to witness Lenѐa- Purple Twa-  Herew’s  live listening session, the new EP: These Streets Are Purple, poignantly so the evening coincided with her birthday party, and not forgetting the cause of the anticipation, this artiste also trading her talents as a singer/musician, writer, poet, actress & Smai Taui Afrikan Yoga teacher.

To start the evening off, dressed in a sultry purple, Lenѐa Herew made her well-wishers and attendees alike feel welcome, and while she played the perfect host, her smile lighting the dim interior of the Mau Mau bar, (her smile an attention reviewers tend to see) other acts for the night set the tone for the evening: Paul Buhagir, and the Common Ground Family, Empress Imani Royal Sounds, Jonas McCloud, King Bowza, Ak Reks, all provided a mixture of hip-hop, poetry, soul and acapella, more importantly a grittiness lost on the sensitivities of audiences, bar the polished ‘mainstream’ delight, artists who offered an enjoyable, more importantly, soul and thought provoking moments, and without  doubt the special guest for the evening, and her performance was special, Maya Blu, of which was an incredible bonus, on an already enjoyable night.



Leana Herew