JJ ROSA                                                                        

How best would you describe your music sound?


Generally speaking I come from the time where my world was influenced by the Soul genre, I also like the Funk sound, Grit, heavy Groove, I’m a big fan of the 70’s & 80’s and the way these genres resonated with me, these influences best describes my music sound.


A common misperception people have of you?


That I’m a rock chick, I guess it’s because I play the electric guitar, yes I’ve been known to play a couple heavy solos, and I rock the two colours in my hair which might give the impression I’m a rock chick,  but I guess; that’s what’s cool about music expression, though the image tells one story, its only until you hear the music do you really understand “the” artist, as I said before the fact that I love combing two different genres; of which has nothing to do with rock chick per-say, is the music I love.


What are you bad at?


I’ve been known to be a stress head, with my enthusiasm being what it is I’ve been known to drive people up the wall, according to my partner in crime- Jimmy.


In a nutshell, what is your philosophy?


Tenacity. Tenacity pays off, with hard work, passion for the work, my philosophy is never bloody give up, and I know life isn’t that simple, how you want things to turn out doesn’t necessarily mean it will turn out that way, but never letting go of your ideas is something I adhere to, in a big way.


A phrase you use to often?


That’s a good question, there are a few, however what comes to mind is, as opposed to the straw that broke the camel’s back, I tend to say;  ‘the cherry that broke the camel’s arsehole’, its makes no sense whatsoever but it’s what I say, I’m like that.


The most surprising thing that has happened to you.


Hard to say, if you push me I’d say winning a competition with XFM. You had to submit a track; of which me and my band did, and out of the thousands of entries we won, and the prize was a trip to L.A. to record the track which was brilliant, yeah, that was really good.


In another life, who would you have been?


Prince, I’d love to be Prince.


The song- ‘Where is the Mercy’, with the timing of the attacks in Paris, can you talk about

what this song meant for you?


We actually recorded the song before the Paris attacks, and with the tragedy of the affair, and what happened at the Bataclan theatre, having that music connection with artists just like me, and the worldview a lot of us have with all the wars and atrocities happening around the world, I guess it was tragic timing, and because I want to write songs that have real meaning, away from singing about being in love...of which I’ve done, for me writing and producing songs that have real meaning according to everyday life is important, that’s the inspiration behind the song.


JJ Rosa

JJ Rosa is  indeed a much needed breath of fresh air in the world of singers, reflecting a sense of elegance, beauty, and sheer talent, thanks to her musical grace, JJ Rosa has, and continues to take the music scene by storm,  and such a description of talent always wanting a more fitting analogy. Born in Stockport, now based in London, JJ’s affair with music started at the tender age of seven, from playing piano, and singing, through to discovering her Dad's Jimi Hendrix vinyl collection, consequently pursuing her fondness with Fender Stratocaster,  as a familiar artist known to the UK festival scene JJ Rosa continues to reaffirm her position as an artist unable to ignore, and neither would you want to.

In one, rambling run-on sentence, who is she JJ Rosa?


I could be here all night answering that one, and especially when you give me time to ramble, however to keep it short- I’m from Manchester, Stockport, and seems like I’ve been involved with music for my whole life, spent years playing the piano, electric guitar, went to music college, went to theatre college and all of the in between, and now I’ve been in London for two years, and I love it!


What song, best describes your work ethic?


‘Get in to the Groove’, by Madonna.


Can you ever switch ‘off’, and if so, how?


No, and honestly I haven’t tried, it’s like once I get an idea I can’t let it go until I’ve explored the idea and seen it out till the end, the songs and the production of them, once I get a bee in my bonnet its hard if not impossible to switch off, though saying that, I do go to the cinema occasionally, if the film is good then it does take my mind off the creative process for a bit, and that’s good, you need that, otherwise; not at all.


“The recent tragic events in Paris have upset me deeply; the massacre at the Bataclan Club of a young audience enjoying our common bond of music is incomprehensible to me. So, in reflection of this, I don't feel it appropriate to release my song "Tonight" at such a time and have instead decided to share a song I hold close to my heart, "Where is the Mercy?” I had written this song as a response to the many world tragedies that continually unfold however, in the wake of the Paris attack; it feels more relevant than ever to share this song as the sentiment is particularly poignant.”

What next for JJ Rosa?


Well, we’ll be releasing the single next Friday, so that should be good, and more writing, more production, more videos, just pretty much gearing up for the festival season, festival season is a good way of getting your music out there.


Well it’s been an absolute pleasure, and just to say; I’ll be adopting the camel phrase anytime soon.


Well, it’ll probably make no sense to who you say it to, but you’re welcome.


Nevertheless, it’s been a pleasure, stay creative.


Thank you.