It was my attitude that gave young girls some kind of power to have their own opinion beside the influence of the environment, the one which Serbia gives to them, and Serbia is a very conservative country.


WM: Your connection to your tattoos, tell me about that.


JK: Every tattoo on my body has its own significance, at every part of my life, when I was dealing with good things, and bad things, I tattooed myself, as a reminder if you like.  First tattoo was the Phoenix on the side of my body, I done it because it was born out of a period of hell for me, and I was like, “if I could survive that, I could survive everything and anything”.  Second tattoo is my left sleeve with the portraits of actresses, which I admire, because of theirs personalities, from the 40s and 50s: Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Lauren Becall, Marilyn Monroe, burlesque times - the dancer from that age, and my Mummy, who I admire the most, of course not in the same way I admire the actresses, no, she is Mummy and I love Mummy.  And the chest piece, a lot of people are intrigued by this one, is two crowns; the devil and the angel, with the inscription; ‘LIMIITLESS’ , between them. Hedonism and Liberates on my fingers tell a lot about my spirit, don’t they? (Her laugh is mischievously cute)


WM: Being who you are, what you do, in Serbia, what are Jelena Krunic’s plans?


JK: My goal to pass all my positive energy to younger people, sounds rebellious, and in a lot of ways it is, and because the reality is this, I want that energy to enable them to build their own attitudes about life, to be free as they can be, not like what generations had become use to, I want them to make their own choices about their lives, about life, just like I did in a country that is full of prejudices, in a country where you had to listen to an old system telling you what`s right, what’s wrong, this inspires me, it gives me the energy to do what I do, my country’s recent history is there for the world to see, I’m here to say that there’s something else to see, way beyond tattoos and dance, even though my tools is the dance and the tattoos helping to grab attention.


WM: Away from the dance, the modelling, your amazing tattoos, more so what the general public don’t see, what else for Jelena?


JK: I like to help people,  a lot, you get that in Serbia, I think, yeah, sign of our times now, according to my upbringing, the experiences I’ve had, the experiences many people have had, with all that, that goes on, went on, being able to help people means a lot to me, my drawing skills are very good too, I`ve just finished my second year at college, I’m studying Fashion Design, and because of who I am, what I’ve experienced, good and bad, I know I`m gonna be better than good at it.  And, being the person I am with all this energy, I’m into sports too, besides the volleyball I play I also train in Kick  Boxing, I think I will train anything all my life because my body cannot be in one place,  I have a lot of energy to spend in a lot of good ways

(Again, mischievously cute)


WM: Your shows certainly evoke attention, what shall we pay attention to, as far as Jelena Krunic is concerned?


JK: Well, I have an agency for dancers, so that keeps me busy, again that has a lot to do with empowering young women,  and there is one other project I have prepared, it is about my clothing which is gonna be a great idea for my fans, and me too. Stay tuned!


WM: Jelena, I thank you for your time, no doubt before long the UK will see you live.


JK: You’re very welcome, and yes, I’ll be there very soon



Having the pleasure of talking to Jelena Krunic went right to the core of the objective, evoking the look at tattoo culture, and because beyond the tattoos, because of the sight of the tattoos;  the rebellion, depths of faith,  lurid erotic nature when expressed with hints of hedonism, what speaking to Jelena highlighted was just how acutely impression can get lost in translation, and when impression lies beneath what eyes see, therefore evoking emotion, reaction, beyond whether opinion disapproves or welcomes Jelan’s exploits, what is true to her is sincere, born from a sincerity life learns to appreciate, often live by.


When Whispermaze stated our look at the rise of tattoos, and its impact on UK high culture, our emphasis was on UK culture, in essence UK people being where Whispermaze’s best efforts are suited, here in the United Kingdom.  Consequently, every so often, creative and journalistic parameters are over stepped, and solely for the purpose of exploring subjects and people that require curiosity to do so, accordingly Whispermaze welcomed the curiosity Jelena Krunic showed in our tattoo review, based in Belgrade, Serbia, Whispermaze was happy to oblige her interest.


WM: When did you know you wanted to be the model/dancer that you are now, I guess what I’m getting at is what inspired this understanding?

JK: Well, I didn`t actually know I was going to become a dancer. First off all I was just like any other regular student from the Province, who played volleyball, had friends, do what friends do in a reserved part of town, that and wanting to finish college, and then everything went the other way. I started to work as a hostess, to get through college, and the company I was working with needed a dancer, to be honest I thought why not?  Training in the art of Latino-American dance, and gaining the fitness to do it well I became a really good dancer, most of all I enjoyed what I never saw coming, I enjoy the way I’m able to express myself using my dance. So, doing what I did I was able to pay my college fees, by myself, rent an apartment, without my parents help, and here we are now, I’ve become a well know dancer, and in a short space of time, only recently have I noticed that I was popular amongst a younger audience, and it’s probably because of my energy, my tattoos, my high octane shows, everything coming together I kept doing it because I was feeling it was right.

Jelena Krunic