...I love the arts, I’m a real foodie and I have a keen interest in social commentary. At the heart of what really harnesses that interest is how people interact within these areas, what they have to say...

WM: Looking at your commitments, your time on radio and T.V., aside from these exploits, what other things for Jacqueline, what are the other things that you are actively seeking?


JS: People that follow my movements will know that I am a real natural hair advocate. I am of the opinion that you should do what YOU want to do with YOUR hair but be conscious of what informs your choices. As such I’d like to see more natural hair in the mainstream because I think the balance is off which in turn contributes to many women of colour in particular feeling insecure about their natural self. I know it’s only hair but it’s not called our crowning glory for nothing!  I’m also a big foodie so dining out, cooking, watching food shows - I love all of that.


WM: Tell me about the fundamentals of your repertoire, in essence what is it that makes Jacqueline Shepherd?


JS: Ultimately I love communication. From as early as I can remember I was finding creative ways to tell stories whether that be making up plays with my siblings, performing at public speaking events and that evolved the older I got to presenting projects at school, then college and eventually radio at university which was a short but significant stint. All the while I was identifying what dialogue I most enjoyed getting across and several years later, here I am as a lifestyle presenter.


WM: What does a lifestyle Presenter mean?


JS: If you were to look it up, the term lifestyle on Wikipedia it is described as the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of an individual, group, or culture; when you look at the stories and interviews that I have enjoyed telling it very much falls in line with that description. I love the arts, I’m a real foodie and I have a keen interest in social commentary. At the heart of what really harnesses that interest is how people interact within these areas, what they have to say – what their experiences are. I am lucky enough to anchor Sky 1 programme What’s Up which as a magazine show very much encapsulates these areas of interest and is a LOT of fun to make!


WM: Being young, enthusiastic, and even spiritedly determined, can you shed some light on the industry that you’re a part of, in particular how do you see the industry treating others who want to take up a likewise profession?


JS: Presenting is slightly different from other areas of ‘performance’ in as much as it is simply you sharing the best version of yourself not putting on an act so to speak. That can mean that rejection (which is inevitable when starting out) can cut that little bit deeper. These days many people are creating their own via YouTube and other means and that is a perfect calling card, people want what they have seen online so there is a real shift in how people are making it into the industry.  As my old man would say “what’s for you, won’t pass you”  and I truly believe that If you are putting in the work, not allowing ‘negatives’ to make you negative but growing from them – that this is true and remember that NO ONE can do YOU as well as YOU!


Jacqueline Shepherd         

WM: So what are the immediate plans for Jacqueline Shepherd?


JS: I have a couple of things on the bubble at the moment so I will happily share them with you when I get going. What I can say right now is that I’m writing a number of articles for AfroNoire Magazine, filming WTalk the online hub which champions women and conversation and What’s Up series 8 is in production so I’ll be back on Sky 1 in the summer.


WM: The purpose of these interviews is to readdress the balance in terms of real people, with real aspirations, having no one to be inspired by, interviewing yourself, with the energy shown goes someway to readdressing that balance, thank you for your time.


JS: JS: Thank you, that’s really generous and motivating feedback!