Jahson the Scientist

WM: Your name, Jahson the Scientist, I’ll think you’ll agree that it’s not a regular name, how exactly did your title come about?


JS: We’ll start with Jahson; the idea of the ‘creator’, in essence the inspiration of Christ, in essence the idea of Christ driving everything I do, the thing for me is that my upbringing has always been cemented by such a deity, when I talk about one of my roots; the teachings of Christ, for me such an understanding act as a blueprint, like for example: “don’t marvel at me, we are all God’s”, now, far be it for me to come across as an extremely devout individual, because that is not what I am, what I am saying is the fact that God is all that reigns supreme, the idea God wants us, as individuals to see themselves as Gods, resonates with me, and because it goes to core of your being, nothing about you is incapable of being, any one person is special, and me seeing myself in that same light, as a Son of God, Jahson is fitting.  And then there’s the Scientist, and working as a scientist, a science teacher teaching physics, that’s right, 9 to 5 as creative as I am, my profession reflects another side of my character, and what it is J, is being a teacher of science is something I really do enjoy, I like the understanding of what my method is, I’m still fascinated by how atoms and molecules make up, and affect the very being of our world, sounds biblical, I know, nevertheless such a profession has found me, hence Jahson the Scientist.



WM: A worthy representation, with regards to your music, pretty much why you’ve become the musician you have, what is it that your music hopes to resonate?


JS: I’m a ‘words ‘man’, I deal with words creatively; a verbalist, and through my music, using my music, the aim is to connect on a human level, and in the true sense of the word, it is to resonate the true meaning of life, this what drives my music, what influences the creative response to my thought process, and hitting the stages outweighs sitting in the studio, it’s the connection with the crowd that counts, for me, and with my material born out of a desire for love and understanding, of self, of surroundings, people, events, whatever the emotional connection might be, is in essence what my music tries to evoke; one’s own understanding of all these things.


WM: The Science Report is the live band of which you’re a part of, a band that enthuses spoken word with live music, expressions over ‘tight grooves’, ‘open sound-scopes’, tell me a little about the inspiration behind such a coming together of people.


JS: The Science Report is my voice box, it is the vehicle through which I’m able to express my creative thinking, and what we love doing, and have done, is create what I call a ‘sound craft Mothership’, inspired by a hip-hop engine, on the back of this Mothership you have a Rock exhaust, and all intertwined with Jazz machinery.  We’ve recorded tracks including “The Season”, “Healing”, and one of my favourites; “No Doubt”.  It’s a new outfit in terms of how long we’ve been a group, and I guess with all things new time is needed to create something long-lasting, time for a unified belief in what we’re doing to cement all our objectives, and to tell you the truth it’s been a learning curve, not so much the groupies and fame and fortune, and then again things worthwhile doing never being that thing imagined, or misunderstood.


WM: All sounds very philosophical.


JS: Life often is, and The Project, is a project, the unified belief I’m talking about not always as it should be, and because creative desires change, professional necessities change and as a group, with varying objectives, we’re trying to make the project work, though, it has to be said, even aspiring to the objectives we have now, we rock.

WM: We’ve know each other a long time, you performed at Whispermaze’s event at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, and since then you’ve relocated to Austria, I’ll think you’ll agree with me when assume Austria is not held as one of those idyllic getaways, what led you to your stay here, and how has it been?


JS: Fatherhood, I’m here because my daughter is here, and yes, I know what you’re thinking, wow, must be a culture shock, and if you understand the Austrian version of ‘British bulldog’, as opposed to my roots in London, it was, at first, but one adapts, and with the teaching, and present here on the Austrian hip-hop scene, which really is professional as opposed to London where lots of people do a lot of different things, rarely well…”


WM: ….Quantity over quality…


JS:…Exactly, it’s a lot more focused, the efforts, and that’s not taking anything away from the London hip-hop scene, the UK/London hip-hop scene is banging right now, it’s just different in Austria, different country different habits, and that’s pretty much why I’ve relocated to Austria, been here for five years and all is well, life has set me on a path of which my music and expressions allow me to embark on things, I thankfully, never saw coming.


WM: And with all things, being that this interview is nigh, I assume for the future we can expect more things different for Jahson the Scientist?


JS: Absolutely, still creative still expressing, still connecting with my music, and no doubt I’ll be in London soon, musically resonating.


WM: Thank you for your time.


JS: Thank you.