ELLIE ROSE                                                                                                               


Whispermaze first came across Ellie when she performed at this years Glastonbury festival, and the objective of Whispermaze being there was to not only take the vast variety of acts on show, it was also to discover something new, something not exactly at the tip of everybody’s lips. After the first couple days, somewhat satisfied that I had seen up until then, I visited the BBC Introduction Stage, a stage where new artists perform. And by gosh, the objective had been accomplished, though not a sensation that most music fans are aware of, Ellie’s voice was and is poetic, and so much so it’s a voice that allows you to see the world through the view of those who can see what many can't, that’s right, a voice able to transcend emotion, and within the musical world it’s a talent very rare, and very beautiful, and yes there’s a grittiness about her voice of which the tone can take on a husky appeal, and yes she strums the guitar with a grace male admirers tend to wish they could do themselves, in the end a rare gem unearthed at the BBC Introduction stage, and Whispermaze is adamant  such a gem will shine, and shine and catch many attentions.

First and foremost some of our best pictures was of yourself at Glastonbury, how was the experience for you?


Glastonbury was unreal! I was so chuffed to be there and the whole experience was brilliant. Big up to BBC Introducing for having me! 


Why music as a career, why not something more secure in terms of a career?


I started gigging and writing aged 11 so didn't have the intention of music being a career until I left school, it's all I've ever thought about! Can't imagine doing anything else.


Who, or what first got you involved with singing/song-writing, do you think of yourself more as a songwriter or a singer?


I was lucky to grow up in a household where music was always played and I got to attend a lot of acoustic gigs. I couldn't pick between being a songwriter or a singer, I sing because I write songs and I'd never hear them if I didn't sing!! 


How would you describe your music and yourself as a musician?


Honest and chaotic!


What does your writing mean to you?


It depends on each song, but I write based on real experiences, mine or other people's. I have to be inspired by something real! 


What currently inspires you to do this style of music?


I love guitars, the 80's and pop music.


Have you got a target audience for your music?


Nope! Anyone that relates :) 


How would you describe your musical image? How did you go about determining what image to portray?


I don't think about my image really! I just go with what comes naturally! 


How important is the Internet to your development as a singer/songwriter?


The Internet is pretty amazing! It's a great way to discover new music and everything is so easily accessible! 


How important is it to you that you perform live music events/gigs?


The most important aspect of music to me is playing gigs! That's the real way to test songs! I love performing live and meeting music lovers.


Please leave one tip you think is invaluable for aspiring/beginner singer/songwriters to know?


I think the one thing I would recommend is playing live as much as possible!