Denise Brown

All things creative, expressional, relevant and present remain at the core objectives of Whispermaze, and interviewing Denise, gaining an insight her profession; the skill required and more so her aspirations inspired, to date, Denise Brown remains as talented as the UK has to offer.  


UK Fashion Stylist, Consultant and Tutor Denise Brown, make’s, creates and styles, and with regards to her creative objective is not only to produce unique looks, but also with a view to enthusing a lasting impression through the impact of her work.   As a  womenswear graduate from the world-renowned London College of Fashion, Denise developed her convincing love for fashion from the first time she picked up a needle and thread to hand sew her own outfit, at just twelve years old. Denise has worked with renowned fashion stylists such as Franklin Akinsete and Cynthia Lawrence-John, and her unique bravura has enabled her to clothe some of the leading names in pop culture including Kanye West, Rihanna, Eliza Doolittle and the Noisettes. In addition her work has featured in fashion editorial shoots for magazines and newspapers such as Time Out, NME, Volt Cafe, Fault, Fazhiblack, Fantasics, And Men, Noise and the Metro. Denise’s strong sense of creativity and ambition also caught the attention of music magazine Flavour, where she reigned as Fashion Editor for three years.  With her abundant knowledge of the fashion industry, as well as in excess of eight years employing her expertise and fundamental skill through teaching, Denise has also set up “Fashion Changed My Life”, a company, and more so a cultural initiative of which aims to inspire and encourage young people, and adults to explore their creativity through fashion styling and dressmaking.



WM: How would you describe your signature look?


DB: When I first became a fashion stylist, my signature look was Street Wear. Now over the years I have accustom to styling a variety of different styles.


WM: Who inspires you?


DB: Iyanla Vanzant, Necole Bitchie and June Ambrose


WM: You have a host of celebrity clients; do you consider yourself a trendsetter?


DB: Most def. Whenever I style a celebrity it is not by the trend, I style them according to what makes them feel and look good.


WM:Looking back, what is your biggest fashion faux-pas?


DB: When I created my fashion brand “Don’t Judge Me Clothing” and it blowed!!


WM: How do you keep yourself motivated?


DB: Apart from being a stylist I am a freelance tutor and currently teach in a Pupil Referral Unit. I have my own business “Fashion Changed My Life” I run workshops for people of all ages that want to become stylist or designers  I am in process of sorting out my blog which has my additional skills including: Guest speaking, personal shopping and brand consultancy.


WM; Ultimately, what are your future aspirations/career goals?


DB: To travel the world and become a motivational speaker including running sessions. I want to have my own fashion academy for Neet learns, YOT, PRU and people who come out of jail.