cassandra london

WM: What made you want to be a singer?


CL: Miserable old people!  (chuckling) Serious, miserable people,  since I can remeber I've always wanted to smile, and looking at older people encouraged me to be happy, to live life to the fullest enjoying what I like most, which is singing, I just love to sing, it gives me that feeling like when I was young, that feeling of freedom  and happiness life gives, and should be giving.


WM: And what was the start of this musical freedom?


CL: I was fourteen years old, I remember it was a Haven holiday, yep, it was a Haven holiday, and on this hoilday I won a talent show they'd put on, I won the show and I won a holiday to go back, and since then I knew the most 'High' had given me a gift, to sing, to entertain, that and the fact my Daddy was a 'sound man' I’ve pretty much always had the influence of music, reggae music, soul music…”


WM: …You’re vocally bilingual.”


CL:  Yeah, Reggae, Soul, R’n’B, House, I’ve done it all, but the first love is the reggae, people like Dennis Brown, Marcia Griffiths.”


WM: And what does Cassandra London want to achieve via her music?”


CL: To be successful, for my family, just to enjoy life, keep on loving what I do which is to sing, I just love singing, and singing is like a healing and with everything going on now…


WM: Mmmmhhh, I like the sentiment. So what advice, if any, for the up and coming artiste?”


CL: Don’t believe the hype all the time, stay grounded, when people tell you that you’re brilliant and wonderful it can be true, just don’t believe everything you hear all the time, and be weary of the type of 'management' who are…in 'it' for them...rather than for you.


WM: The music industry can be, and is a hard industury to be successful in, what upsets you about the industury?


CL: Not so much upsets me, part of my inspiration comes from the people in the business that are unprofessional, Promoters that really don’t know how to promote, things like bad time keeping, broken dreams, as I said you have to stay grounded, people like this can destroy careers, and I say this because so many people give up music because of the unprofessional behaviours of these management folk, and the more they portray their actions the more it encourages me to be better in what I do.


WM: That I like. So what now for Cassandra London? I ask because you are a busy artist on on the circuit, and I notice you are an advocate of self-management.


CL: It works for me, best type of management if it works for you. You can keep up with me at my EP is out in September 2014 so look out for that, and around then my tracks will be available on digital download, that and keep doing what I’m doing.”


WM: Well thank you for the interview, and being that WhisperMaze is an admirer, sometimes not attending your gigs when we should have been there, a progressive slot, just for you will be on the website for as long you keep singing, again, thank you.


CL: You’re welcome


by Jahvin Morgan