Bianca Gerald

Bianca Gerald is a singer/songwriter and actress hailing from Leeds, UK. Bianca attended the prestigious Intake Performing Arts College where she was trained alongside fellow students Natalie Anderson (Emmerdale, The Royal) and Nichola Burley (Step Up 3D, Donkey Punch). 'Hip Hop Opera' was Bianca's big screen debut where she took one of the lead role's acting alongside the West End's Lion King lead Brian Temba. The film was part of a nationwide, government funded anti-gun crime campaign. Bianca became an ambassador in 2005. Bianca has since appeared in West Yorkshire Playhouse's 'Carnival Messiah' and succeeded with her music. you.

BG: Working on my album, I'm so excited to do it. I already have the name… now I need to songs ha ha.


WM: Bianca Gerald it has been an absolute pleasure talking to you, need we say inspiring also, someone whom Whispermaze expects to hear the many developments regarding your career, again, thank you.


BG: Thank you so much, and thank you kindly for taking the time out to interview me.



WM: When did you know what you wanted to do, and why?


BG: Music has always been in my heart. There was no moment of realisation but rather the seed was planted and began to grow at a pivotal point in my younger years. Before I had even reached primary school a British soul artist who goes by the name of Lisa Stansfield released a song called ‘Been Around The World. Something about that song resonated deeply within me and gave wake to my musical intuition, it’s sound, and the melody had me hooked….

Well, I learned all the words and would sing my heart out to it regularly. I remember it feeling good to sing. Feeling enjoyable and I guess in those moments it became clear to me that music was intrinsic to who I am. I knew then that whatever I did with my life it had to relate to music.




WM: What amazes Whispermaze is your independence, with regards to not being signed to a major record label, how did such a musical journey transpire into what your career has become thus far?


BG: From my point of view, major record labels shun DIY musicians like myself.. who look like I do. Take from that what you will. Major record labels and their ignorance to the DIY artist is in one sense; depriving the masses of quality music and on the other hand people who follow my music as a DIY artist have actually searched for me and so their support is not so disposable. As an independent artist I have creative freedom over my music and direction. I create music for music’s sake rather then capitalism....Yes it is hard work as when your DIY you create your own pathways and for the most part you do all the legwork to ensure your music reaches as wide an audience as possible so the PR, the advertising, the distribution, the clothing sponsors etc. The friends I have made and relationships I have developed on a business level all make it more attainable for me to be the musician I chose to be.


WM: With regards to the industry, and the aspirations, not forgetting the love you have for music, what makes Bianca Gerald, Bianca Gerald?


BG: Good question, not one of those questions you get asked often, ask my Mother that question and she’ll tell you I was just born this way, confident, driven and determined yet a sensitive soul, I would say having this interest of exploring my inner self, the world, different people and my surroundings have always inspired me. My life journey thus far has helped shape me. Being able to relate to a plethora of things, to understand the way of the world, to really feel hurt, pain, happiness, going through emotional turmoil, personal troubles, detailing life in all its mannerisms has defined me as a woman. In terms of my experiences, going back to the days of school teachers not believing in my potentials, never being a conformist, not prescribing to any particular music genre; hence me being very experimental with my music, my belief in not relying on others to manifest things for me, all help make Bianca Gerald, Bianca Gerald. Feeling blessed, constantly looking forward, giving good back to the Universe all make me…me.


WM: What are the immediate and long term plans for Bianca Gerald?