words. talk. expression. it's what i do

“…Objective being never will conform, using similes’, metaphors, sometimes poetic jizzum and figure of speech, this blog, pawning life, news, and art for art’s sake,  will be words intent on describing things profound, and because freedom of speech has grown tired of being squeezed by these elephants in my social room…”


Whispermaze, 2008

My work is a perpetual consideration of the diverse forms of expression, and the inspired attitudes that lounges behind them.  Striving to convey the common denominators of personal environment, thus interrogating social principles, affirming aspirations and colloquial qualms, coupled with articulating a love of expression whilst capturing its enduring magic, the point is necessarily in the spirit of a fist pumping, dressed in weekend Dashiki, modern-day troubadour amidst the contemporary chaos of the world.  Documenting the nowadays scene, through the mouth-piece of spoken word, musical rendition, dogmatic convictions and art expressed with visual vocabularies that resonate social convention, of which have formed environments and the associated behaviour within them, whatever is made out of the essence of expression it may challenge your reality, but the work I do has a wink and grin in it, anticipate surprises.




Who for? What for?
Simply put- Whispermaze for those interested in the social environment they find, or looking to find themselves in, more so the interpretation of these surroundings, with points of view remaining honest, non-contrived, or safe, considering a perpetual rationale, ultimately WhisperMaze is provoking intellectual diffidence, interpreting social media, reacting to societal and global happenings, and thankfully the will still wanting to enjoy one’s self.









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